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Why is it so important to write a good, professional resume when applying for a new job? The answer is easy, because if you want to get a good job, you have to look good in front of your future employers. It might look that is it easy to write a resume. And that is when people start to lose their career possibilities because the resume was not composed correctly according to the needs of the employer. So, what types of resumes are there?!

There is couple of types of resumes depending on circumstances and what exactly you need to highlight about yourself. The first one is a chronological resume. It has all of your jobs listed according to their chronological position, but the thing to remember is that your current or most recent job has to go first and further on. Functional resume is considered to be more efficient in presenting you to the employer, because it focuses on your skills and experience, but not your working history. Combinational resume has your skills listed first, and then it has the chronological list. This resume shows the relevance of your skills to the position you are applying for. The type, which is considered to be the most useful and efficient, is the targeted resume. It is definitely the hardest one to write, but it is worth it. It has only one target. It gives your skills and abilities in relevance to the position you are applying for. This type of resume is more detailed and needs to be taken seriously in order to become a useful document.

As you can see, resume is a more complex document as it might appear at first. A lot of companies have thousands of resumes coming in everyday and it is really important that your resume stands out among other ones. Using a resume writing service is a good way to ensure that your resume is written professionally and highlights your positive sides while ignoring your minuses or even presenting them from a positive side.

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