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Professional Resume Writing ServiceIn the previous posts, we wrote about resume writing companies and how to find the best one. This time we are going to talk about specific features that make resume writing services professional. In other words, what should you search for in order to find a VIP approach? How to ensure the company you have chosen is really professional? All these questions will be answered below.
What makes resume writing services professional?
Every company agrees that writers are their most valuable asset. This is true indeed. Particularly writers indicate the proficiency of a company. The problem is that you cannot know much about writers when choosing a resume writing service. So, the question is how to identify the proficiency judging from available information?
Exploring whether a resume writing service is professional
It is not a secret that professional resume writing services that can afford hiring really talented writers cost accordingly. Certainly, you cannot draw conclusions judging from transcendental prices solely. A general rule is that a professional resume writing service cares about its reputation and takes any measures to ensure the quality of its products. Here are several tips for identifying a professional resume writing service:

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Resume ExamplesWhen looking through resume examples, people somehow tend to observe their format and logical structure completely ignoring the way information is conveyed. As you have probably guessed, it is an absolutely wrong way to use a resume example. The thing is that every sample resume is more than a mere format. By observing works of professional CV writers, you can also pick up the techniques and attention grabbing methods they use.
Thus, we are going to dedicate this article to a topic that is unlikely to be found anywhere else on the Internet, namely the correct way of analyzing a resume example.
Structure of resume examples
Let us start with the most basic point we have already mentioned – format. Hopefully, you know the basic parts of any resume. But you can see that various resume examples pay a different share of attention to different parts of a CV. Do not just copy their logical structure! Depending on the position you are opting to gain, you should detail your working experience, your past projects, or your personal traits.
Resume examples and keyword usage
It is very important to use some keywords you want your employer to stumble upon. It is even more important to stick to this technique if you opt for a position in a large corporation. Your employer may read hundreds of CVs daily. Thus, when reading resume examples, try to find these keywords and see how they are used and highlighted, whether bullet points are used or not, check paragraph structure, etc.
Resume examples and limits of honesty

Resume Writing ServicesSooner or later, each of us starts looking for a job and thus, faces the necessity to write a resume that shows an employer how good you are and how he/she will benefit by accepting you. The problem is that not everyone is good with words. You may be shy, you may be uncertain of your capabilities. Or, you may be sure you are a professional, but you cannot convey your thoughts to others.
This is when resume writing services may help you. This article explains everything you need to know to use resume writing services for your benefit.
Resume writing services: the problem of confidentiality
The very essence of resume writing services is about transforming your life experience into words. Therefore, its employees need to know much about you. Or, rather it is you who need to tell about yourself. The problem is that your personal information may be misused. So, when searching for a resume writing service, make sure to pick up the one with a good reputation and several years of experience. Do not disclose your personal life to a casual person.
Resume writing services: submitting your order
Upon submitting your order, you will be asked to fill in many fields. Be very careful when doing this. The resume writing service needs to know everything about that position you want to apply to, your intended employer, etc. These details affect the level of complexity of your resume. They also determine techniques and layouts to be used by resume writers, which should match the desired position precisely.
Resume writing services: the writing process

Posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Free Sample ResumesIt is said that a clever person learns from the mistakes of others rather than from his/her own. Bearing this in mind, the first and foremost approach to writing your resume is to see how others do it and learn from these examples. In this article, we will talk about available free sample resumes.
Free sample resumes: where to find
There are two possible ways to get a sample resume for free. First is to visit your friends, relatives or other people who can provide you with a sample resume for free. Sometimes this means less time and efforts to be spent on writing your own resume. But on the other hand, no one can guarantee the high quality of such free sample resume.
The second way is to look for special services online. They have different databases of free sample resumes, moreover, such online services offer various tips and guides on how to write a strong resume and succeed. This way is good from almost any point of view. The only disadvantage is that free sample resumes tend to be rather plain and overused. This can be especially disadvantageous if you are applying for a creative position.
Free sample resumes: what to check
When browsing the databases of free sample resumes, pay a close attention to the following things:

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Functional ResumeDo you want to change your career? Do you want to change it dramatically, from an English teacher to a computer programmer? Then you have to learn writing a functional resume.
Functional resumes, which are also called competency-based resumes, are designed specially for people like you. They are focused not on your work experience and previous job positions like typical chronological resumes, but rather on your skills and abilities. Judging from this information, an employer will decide whether you will be able to fulfill new responsibilities.
In this article, we provide some essentials of functional resume writing. We also advise you find sample functional resumes online or even templates to arrange your own functional resume properly.
Anyway, these are important points that a good functional resume should include.

  • Personal information. Your full name, address, phone number, e-mail.
  • Objectives. In a few words, this part of your functional resume can be defined as explanations of your desire to change a career. It should be a short and precise statement of your major goal, but make sure it meets the employer’s needs. E.g.: to apply my skills and experiences gained during ten years in marketing to get a position of an English teacher.
  • Qualifications. From all your valuable skills and abilities, choose at least 3 skills that match your new career.
  • Work experience. Usually, this part of a functional resume is optional. However, some employers might think that you hide something if it is not included. So, if you decide to make it, just list the places of your work and dates when you worked there.


Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009

Professional Resume Writing ServicesLet us say you are applying for a prestigious job, and it means a lot to you. The only problem is to write a resume, a really good one that will stand out. And all of a sudden you realize you cannot do it.
You see, the benefit of using a professional resume service is that those people know for sure they can do it. Moreover, they know how to write about career experiences in the best way. And if you do not want to lose the job of your dream, invest some money into your future and use the help of professional resume writing services.
Professional resume writing service. The process:

  1. First, choose a professional resume writing service that satisfies you both in terms of prices and offerings. Maybe, any of your friends has already used a certain professional resume writing service – find out, which one it was.
  2. Submit everything you consider important for your resume – from your academic to career experience. If you have a draft, send it as well. Those folks from a professional resume writing service should receive as much information about you as possible.
  3. Make sure you stay in touch with your resume writer in case some questions pop up. Do not be surprised if your writer will be the first one to contact you.
  4. Make sure you receive the first draft of the order from a professional resume writing service within the first few days.
  5. Revise the paper to check whether everything you wanted is included into the paper.


Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Resume TipsYou have already spent several hours surfing the Web and looking for resume or CV tips. All recommendations are similar and seem to be ineffective.
Well, more likely than not, you will not find some exclusive resume tips. All Web resources describe common resume and CV tips that do work, and actually, there are not so many of those.
Our writers have summarized the most effective resume tips and they are glad to present them right now.
Resume tip #1
Make sure that your resume contains relevant key words. Otherwise, chances that an employer hits upon your resume are minimal.
Resume tip #2
It seems to be a bit ridiculous to remind about that, but do not forget about bullet points. Some people still tend to write text paragraphs in their resumes.
Resume tip #3
Do not just list all your previous positions. Make attention-grabbing titles for each item on this list.
Resume tip # 4
You will definitely tell about your strongest points and personal characteristics. They also should not look like a mere list. The best way is to back up each characteristic you include into your resume with an example of relevant work experience.
Resume tip #5
Try to avoid any negative information in your resume. For instance, there is no need to tell about some problems that you had on your previous positions or things that you did not like about your previous job.

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Resume Writing HelpWe do not want to waste your time talking about the importance of a resume. If you want to win the heart of an employer and get a good job, your resume should be just perfect.
Talking about a perfect resume is definitely easier than to write one. This is why you need help with resume writing.
These days, many online resources provide resume writing help. This article is also designed to help you with resume writing. Particularly, we have made a summary of the main points to be included into your resume.
Resume writing help: point 1
Define your career objectives and clearly state the kind of job you are looking for. Make sure that your knowledge and set of skills fit the position you want to get.
Resume writing help: point 2
Think about your strongest points related to the desired position and highlight them first of all. Mind that employers do not spend more than 10-30 seconds on reviewing resumes (in most cases). Thus, your advantages should grab their attention straight away.
Resume writing help: point 3
Do not include irrelevant information. If some skills of yours do not relate to the position you are applying for, do not include them into the resume.
Resume writing help: point 4
Use bullet points and short sentences in your resume. They are quick and easy to scan. Do not worry about additional details. You will have a chance to talk about them during an interview.
Resume writing help: point 5
Use action verbs like developed, prepared, managed, etc. Computers pick up resumes according to such action verbs.

Posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Are you hunting for a job? Are you ambitious enough to apply for the most prestigious positions in global corporations? Well, then you definitely have to stand out in the crowd of other applicants, other job-hunters.
How can you make your employer remember you? How do you impress your employer? These two questions are very important for all employees.
Our answer for you is to design an outstanding resume and you will get any potential employer interested in you. This is the first step to persuading your future boss that you are better than others are. So, let us talk about some resume writing tips:

  • Your resume should start with such personal information as your age, address, and contact information. Do not be too creative here – just state everything clearly.
  • Your resume should contain information on your education, sometimes even starting from high school. If you had some great achievements during this time, you should definitely mention them, since many employers will consider them.
  • Your resume should be well-structured. It is even advised to separate all your resume’s parts with lines or some kind of borders. Your employer should have no problem finding the right information in your resume.
  • Your resume may or may not contain a photo. This “photo” issue is still under debate, since some applicants are saying that employers should select based on the applicants’ abilities, not their appearance. You may also argue about this, but including your photo would be rather a plus, than a minus.

Unfortunately, this is impossible to describe all resume writing techniques in one short article. Our main advice for you is to start working on your resume and you will learn many things during this design process.

Posted on Thursday, February 19th, 2009

You still doubt whether there is any necessity to write a resume! You do not find it useful for your future career! Well, then you are not ready to become a good employee with great career chances. It is ok, since you are probably a student still. However, sooner or later, this problem will turn up again, and you will have no other choice rather than produce a great resume.
To get you a little bit more motivated, here is a number of reasons why bother writing a good resume:

  • Resume writing helps you conduct self-assessment. In other words, when you write about yourself, you evaluate your experience, your strengths, weak points. This is always so useful to discover new things about yourself.
  • Resume writing makes you organize your achievements and experience into a certain logical chain, which certainly helps you track down your development, ups and downs.
  • Resume writing is an essential element of getting a job. None of the employers (unless this is your father or your family friend) will hire you without this precious piece of paper. Even if your resume cannot be filled with amazing facts about your great personality, you still need to come up with some strengths that you have to attract the potential employer.
  • Resume, when it is done, is a perfect resource. You can submit your resume when applying for any kind of job, slightly changing its content (but certainly without lying) according to your employer’s needs.

So, if you have a resume, you possess a great resource that can be used numerous times and, what is more important, that can provide some great career opportunities.

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