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Resume ExamplesWhen looking through resume examples, people somehow tend to observe their format and logical structure completely ignoring the way information is conveyed. As you have probably guessed, it is an absolutely wrong way to use a resume example. The thing is that every sample resume is more than a mere format. By observing works of professional CV writers, you can also pick up the techniques and attention grabbing methods they use.
Thus, we are going to dedicate this article to a topic that is unlikely to be found anywhere else on the Internet, namely the correct way of analyzing a resume example.
Structure of resume examples
Let us start with the most basic point we have already mentioned – format. Hopefully, you know the basic parts of any resume. But you can see that various resume examples pay a different share of attention to different parts of a CV. Do not just copy their logical structure! Depending on the position you are opting to gain, you should detail your working experience, your past projects, or your personal traits.
Resume examples and keyword usage
It is very important to use some keywords you want your employer to stumble upon. It is even more important to stick to this technique if you opt for a position in a large corporation. Your employer may read hundreds of CVs daily. Thus, when reading resume examples, try to find these keywords and see how they are used and highlighted, whether bullet points are used or not, check paragraph structure, etc.
Resume examples and limits of honesty
Finally, you may be surprised but not everything that is written in a resume example is true to the facts. Certainly, there are no lies in resume examples. But professional CV writers know how to twist words and to write in such a way that you read something very different from what was really written. After all, our task is to make you attractive for an employer. Just do not overdo, since you will need to pass an interview anyway.

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