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Resume TipsYou have already spent several hours surfing the Web and looking for resume or CV tips. All recommendations are similar and seem to be ineffective.
Well, more likely than not, you will not find some exclusive resume tips. All Web resources describe common resume and CV tips that do work, and actually, there are not so many of those.
Our writers have summarized the most effective resume tips and they are glad to present them right now.
Resume tip #1
Make sure that your resume contains relevant key words. Otherwise, chances that an employer hits upon your resume are minimal.
Resume tip #2
It seems to be a bit ridiculous to remind about that, but do not forget about bullet points. Some people still tend to write text paragraphs in their resumes.
Resume tip #3
Do not just list all your previous positions. Make attention-grabbing titles for each item on this list.
Resume tip # 4
You will definitely tell about your strongest points and personal characteristics. They also should not look like a mere list. The best way is to back up each characteristic you include into your resume with an example of relevant work experience.
Resume tip #5
Try to avoid any negative information in your resume. For instance, there is no need to tell about some problems that you had on your previous positions or things that you did not like about your previous job.
Resume tip #6
Do not include a picture into your resume unless you are not applying for the position of an actor/actress or a model or an employer requires it.
Resume tip #7
Finally, do not forget to proofread and eliminate all the flaws in your resume.

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