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You still doubt whether there is any necessity to write a resume! You do not find it useful for your future career! Well, then you are not ready to become a good employee with great career chances. It is ok, since you are probably a student still. However, sooner or later, this problem will turn up again, and you will have no other choice rather than produce a great resume.
To get you a little bit more motivated, here is a number of reasons why bother writing a good resume:

  • Resume writing helps you conduct self-assessment. In other words, when you write about yourself, you evaluate your experience, your strengths, weak points. This is always so useful to discover new things about yourself.
  • Resume writing makes you organize your achievements and experience into a certain logical chain, which certainly helps you track down your development, ups and downs.
  • Resume writing is an essential element of getting a job. None of the employers (unless this is your father or your family friend) will hire you without this precious piece of paper. Even if your resume cannot be filled with amazing facts about your great personality, you still need to come up with some strengths that you have to attract the potential employer.
  • Resume, when it is done, is a perfect resource. You can submit your resume when applying for any kind of job, slightly changing its content (but certainly without lying) according to your employer’s needs.

So, if you have a resume, you possess a great resource that can be used numerous times and, what is more important, that can provide some great career opportunities.

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