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Functional ResumeDo you want to change your career? Do you want to change it dramatically, from an English teacher to a computer programmer? Then you have to learn writing a functional resume.
Functional resumes, which are also called competency-based resumes, are designed specially for people like you. They are focused not on your work experience and previous job positions like typical chronological resumes, but rather on your skills and abilities. Judging from this information, an employer will decide whether you will be able to fulfill new responsibilities.
In this article, we provide some essentials of functional resume writing. We also advise you find sample functional resumes online or even templates to arrange your own functional resume properly.
Anyway, these are important points that a good functional resume should include.

  • Personal information. Your full name, address, phone number, e-mail.
  • Objectives. In a few words, this part of your functional resume can be defined as explanations of your desire to change a career. It should be a short and precise statement of your major goal, but make sure it meets the employer’s needs. E.g.: to apply my skills and experiences gained during ten years in marketing to get a position of an English teacher.
  • Qualifications. From all your valuable skills and abilities, choose at least 3 skills that match your new career.
  • Work experience. Usually, this part of a functional resume is optional. However, some employers might think that you hide something if it is not included. So, if you decide to make it, just list the places of your work and dates when you worked there.

Do not invent anything if you have no work experience. You also should not write about your work experience in the functional resume if you do not want a potential employer to ask for references from previous places of work.
Good luck with your resume and future career!

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