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It is not a matter of experience or its lack. A good job is a matter of an effective resume. This is proved by practice. This is why as soon as you know how to introduce yourself, as soon as you realize how to hide weaknesses and underline strengths, in other words, as soon as you find the secret of writing an effective resume, you will get any job you aim at.
As your look speaks before you start talking, a resume speaks for you before you appear. Writing it is not just a formality. It is a necessity. An employer knows nothing about you except the fact that you want to work for him/her. It is fair enough to let an employer get some information about you to see whether you are a valuable person for a company.
Effective Resumes: Make Them Productive
Nothing speaks more for a person than achievements. If you had experience of working in the sphere, state your personal bests, specify the goals reached. The best way is to talk using numbers. If you were a sales manager, state how sales have increased during your supervision.
If you are a student with no previous experience, underline your activity in the university and talk about leadership qualities when writing an effective resume.
Effective Resumes: Clear Purpose
Writing an effective resume means clearly seeing the vacancy you want to get. Just a good specialist is good, but not impressive. A good specialist knowing the vacancy where he/she can become better and take a company to a new level awakes the desire to appoint an interview. Otherwise, your resume will simply go to a pile of other resumes that are good enough to put aside, but not good enough to come back to and reconsider.

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