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Even though you have read many articles on how to write a resume, you still make the same mistakes. So what is the use of following the rules? Instead, we offer you typical resume writing mistakes. Hopefully, they will help you stay away from failing.

  1. Bad English. Do you really hope your employer will believe in your outstanding qualities if you provide a resume written in poor English with grammar and punctuation mistakes? You can forget about a job right away. By the way, typos are also included. So maybe you should better edit the resume before sending it out!?
  2. Your resume has to be no longer than one page. The Human Resources office gets hundreds of resume writings every day, one better than another. They will not have time to read your memoirs. So keep them brief and concise. If your experience does not fit on one page, leave the most important.
  3. Resume objective. If you want a job, not the job, think twice before sending out a resume. Do you really believe an employer will find some time to look for a perfect job for you? If you wonder how to write a resume, decide on the desired vacancy first.
  4. Blurred education. If you think that only job experience is important to specify while writing a resume, you are wrong. Your diploma has certain weight in deciding whether you can handle the job or not. Everything that deals with the vacancy has to be included into the resume writing, including your education.
  5. Mistakes in your name and contacts. Yes, this is our favorite! You will be surprised to find out how many good specialists did not get a job just because they gave the wrong phone number in their resume writings. Do you believe this is not about you? Than check your contacts, please.

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