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Are you looking for some resume writing guide? Well, congratulations, you have found it.
Our resume writing guide will help you evaluate your CV and decide what elements can be improved. In other words, this article would be perfect for those who already have a CV, not for those who first faced the necessity of producing their own resume.
So, find your CV and read our resume writing guidelines:

  1. Your resume should consist of a certain number of sections, such as personal information, educational background, job experience, abilities and interests. Another extra section that can be included before your job experience is your volunteering or organization experience, since some of you can be active members of NGOs.
  2. Your CV should present 100% true information. Believe it or not, but your employer will check the reliability and validity of the presented data. If you included some information that is not true, you will be on the black list of applicants who will not be chosen under any circumstances.
  3. Another resume writing guide tip for you is to up-date your CV once in awhile, every month, or every 3 months. When an emergency comes and you will have to submit your resume immediately, you will be happy that you are sending an up-dated full version.
  4. Our resume writing guide tip for you is to provide all contact data of your previous employers. This will help you make your resume more valid and reliable, providing your employers with an opportunity to contact your old boss.

Our resume writing guidelines should be handy for you. You should never get tired of improving and shaping your resume!

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