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Professional CV writing is probably one of the most widely covered topics in all kinds of publications and online resources. Unfortunately, the quality of our CV does not improve with a growing number of published sources on this issue. So, now it is time to apply what you have learnt by designing a professional curriculum vitae.
We want to give you last-minute professional CV writing tips just to summarize everything you have read and heard:

  1. Professional CV writing is about quality, not quantity. You need to fill in your resume with high quality content, identifying your strengths.
  2. A professional CV should contain precise information. Do not use any vague expressions or too general statements. This is easy to write something general, but when you have some features that make you unique – highlight them in details.
  3. A professional curriculum vita covers such personal information as age, marital status, sex, and contact information. However, other sections like your education, work experience, language proficiency, and interests should be included as well.
  4. A professional CV should definitely stick to the set standards: you need to organize your information into a logical sequence, using bulleted lists or even tables, if necessary.
  5. A professional CV does not tell every single detail of your life (your employer does not need to know why you broke up with your ex), but it highlights the most important features about you that make you noticeable and unique. In other words, you are analyzing yourself by talking only about your strong sides.

Professional CV writing is not easy, and you are the only person who knows best what to write about and how to organize this information. So, try to do it yourself. If you fail – contact writing services, they can help you.

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