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Do you think it is so easy to write a resume? If you plan to finish it in one day, you will be shocked at your low productivity. Resume writing will take more than one day, sometimes more than one week.
So, you should realize that resume writing is a serious thing, even more important and challenging than your Biology research paper. We will try to help you by describing what resume writing format you should follow:

  • Resume format is the structure you will have to stick to while working on your CV. It does not mean that you need to memorize our suggestions and apply all of them. We just give you recommendations that are important for this particular task, at this particular moment.
  • Resume formats are based on the following structure: your contact information (this is not a must to include your marital status or age), your educational background, your work experience, your international experience (all kinds of international conferences, internships and seminars), your language proficiency, your hobbies and interests.
  • You can improve your resume format, its visual presentation by adding bullets, making borders and using all kinds of other tools of visual presentation. However, your resume is not the right place to include charts, pictures or clip arts.
  • Resume format should correspond to each employer’s requirements. So, every time you are sending your resume, you need to slightly change it, adding some emphasis where necessary.

Now, you should not have any illusions about the easy nature of resume writing. It is actually a hard work, but it is so much worth it. So, start thinking about resume writing ahead of time.

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