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So much was said about what professional resume writers should do. Instead, it is much more important to focus on the mistakes that should be avoided by those who start their professional resume writer’s path.
First, professional resume writers should start working on the task by reviewing clients’ CV, paying attention to each minor detail that might affect the outcome of an interview. The most common mistake is that some professional resume writers include too much information into the section of education. Your employers, if they cared, would have asked you about your education (starting from your high school experience and ending with your master’s paper topic).
Second, professional resume writers often have to work with a complete lack of information, having only some general answers from their clients. This is the worst case, since clients do not have enough time to provide full information. So, the most widespread mistake of many professional resume writers is that they “make up” some information, trying to make their customer’s CV better. This is not acceptable, as you understand.
Third, many professional resume writers do not discuss the design of their client’s future CV. In order to avoid all kinds of miscommunication, this is necessary to talk about all client’s expectations and preferences before you start working on this task.
And last, but not the least, professional resume writers sometimes work out too elaborate and precise CV’s – more than 3 pages long. However, nobody will read 5-10 pages CV, no matter how prominent a candidate is. So, avoid this kind of mistake – do not go into too many details.
This is not easy to be a professional resume writer, but this is a rather prestigious and well-paid job.

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