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Is it possible to be creative in writing a resume? The answer is yes. Certainly, you do not want to be over creative, adding funny pictures or using some unusual style or size. Still, there is place for some creativity in your resume. Let us discuss this issue:
Creative resume: tip number one
Creativity is about being different, better than the others are. So, start from organizing your resume in a structured way: find some resume templates, designs that will make your resume more eye-friendly.
Creative resume: tip number two
Include in the resume the most bright and impressive facts about yourself. You simply cannot be shy: how will employers know what you are if you do not tell them?
Creative resume: tip number three
Provide the potential employers with full information on your work experience. This is very important to mention your job positions, starting and ending date, your responsibilities, achievements, career growth and, finally, contact information of your previous employer.
Creative resume: tip number four
At the end of your resume, you should include a part dedicated to your interests and hobbies. This is important to show your employer that you are a normal person with own interests and likes. Besides, you might have some common hobbies with the potential employer, which will make him/her willing to invite you for a job interview.
Creative resume: tip number five
Print your resume on fine paper. If your printer is not working good, leaving dark spots, you should go to a good copy center and print your resume there. It is a very wise investment.
So, these creative tips will help you look different – more confident, more organized, more creative.

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